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Lock Setup

Note – None of Denler lock need App to function, all data like face, fingerprints, cards, passwords are stored locally in lock. App function is only door unlock notifications and unlock request on lock bell press only. Only 2.4G Wi-Fi network us supported by all lock models. Router is supported Wi-Fi lock app to function, none of the lock model supports 5G Wi-Fi.

All lock models installation guide video

DL02 App Setup

DL04 Chrome, DFL04/v1, DFLv2 User & App Setup

DL02 User & DL04 Setup

DB03 Setup Download Manual

DFLv6 Setup

DFLv3 Setup

DL04F App Setup

DL04H User Setup

DL04H App Setup

DFS04 Installation

DS04 Installation

DL05 Fitting

DB04 Full Setup