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Digital Door Lock, Fingerprint Lock, Bluetooth Remote Unlock App, RFID Card, PIN, Key 3 Years Warranty

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Requirements –

  • Minimum 35mm door thickness required.
  • Wi-Fi gateway required for remote unlocking.

Denler DL05 Smart Door Lock with Black Finish – Fingerprint, PIN Code, RFID Card, Mechanical Key, Bluetooth, Separate Wi-Fi gateway required.

Denler DL05 gives user all the access capabilities securing and operating main door lock has inbuilt Bluetooth to unlock.

Control your smart lock remotely

Need to buy extra gateway to control from remote location worth Rs. 2999. Remotely access your smart lock log from, anywhere get unlock notifications. Able to track who access your door 24/7.

Operational Features

One-touch Fingerprint Verification Method (50 Users)

Pin Code Access (100 Users PIN) 

RFID Card Access (100 Users CARD) (2 Provided)

Mechanical key override – 2 Keys Provided

Strong Lock body with hardened SS304 bolts

Auto Lock
If you are sometimes forgetful, you can set your digital lock to automatically activate 2 seconds after you close the door – so you never have to worry whether you remembered to lock it again. (Manual operation is also available)

One Time Password
Issue single-use temporary passwords for convenient visitor access.

Code Scrambling
If when you come to use your PIN code you are concerned someone is watching the numbers you type, you can scramble your code to make it much harder to follow. Just type in some random numbers before or after your code and the lock will still operate – but the number will be much harder to remember!

Long Battery Life
DL05 working on 4 AA alkaline batteries, which have been tested to run on from 1 to 2 months. It is recommended to use Alkaline rechargeable batteries.

Emergency Power
Even if your lock loses all its power, you can just attach a power bank from lower side keyhole that will bring back all the usual features of your lock, and giving you access to your home.

Low Battery Alert
Low battery alert gives you a simple audible and visual alert to let you know when the batteries are getting low – giving you plenty of time to change the batteries.

It can upgrade your existing door lock and supports door thickness from 35 mm to 100 mm.

Delete user or a Lost Card
What happens if you lose one of your access cards? Deleting lost cards is simple – and there is no need to change the lock! Or you can just reset the lock and all users will get deleted. You can add users again anytime.

Your Denler lock will keep out most burglars, but what if they try to break it with a hammer. Our built-in loud alarm will sound as soon as it is attacked, letting everyone know and scaring the burglar away.

Important Notes –

  • Please order your locks atleast 2 weeks before your plan. Normally installation is scheduled within 2 days after delivery but appointments may take more time. Extra charges for distance above 20kms from city center. Confirm your location under service before ordering if far away from city.
  • True Keyless Entry – Lock and unlock your door in a single motion – by scanning Fingerprints as you grip the lock. A lightning speed 0.4 seconds is all that is required to open. Much faster than any key.
  • Long lasting battery – 4xAA Alkaline Batteries Required Not included. runs upto 3 months depends on usage. No wires required. Fits standard-sized doors of (35 to 100mm) door thickness, Suitable for both left and right-handed doors.
  • Unlocking options – Fingerprint (50 users), App Remote Unlock, RFID Card (2 provided), PIN, 2 Manual Keys (Provided) Voice prompts guide you to set fingerprints & admin.
  • 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects on electrical and mortise parts only. If you face any issue with lock just send us video and we will send replacement part assembly by Bluedart overnight, no repair.
  • Size – 36×7.4×2.4cm
  • WhatsApp/Call Support 7420889001 for any queries.

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